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On September 25, 1945, the Tescott Lions Club was organized. Bennington Lions Club was the sponsoring club. A large crowd of area "Lions" attended the Charter Night in the high school gymnasium. There were thirty-three charter members. They were

W.C. Anderson
B.F. Abell
Frank Brewer
S.W. Baldwin
R.H. Berkley, Jr.
H.J. Berkley
Floyd Briggs
D.E. Burroughs
George Crider
C.C. Chambers
Jacob Deckert
Leo H. Diehl
J.F. Disney
F.H. Edinborough
Dr. L.B. Eustace
N.C. Emery
Rev. William Feller
Herbert Hallberg
Uriah Heckert
W.J. Jackson
John Lough
C.E. Lucas
Rufus Lytal
John Miller
J.C. Murdick
Wilfrid Nelson
G.H. Nelson
Otis Nelson
John M. Stanley
W.A. Stirn
Byron Strait
LeRoy Pearce

Fifty-eight years later, the club is still an active organization in the Tescott area, maintaining a membership of 25 to 30 members. Women are now encouraged to join. The Lions Club has been a staunch supporter of the Tescott community and is always available to help with any need that arises. Their Pancake Day is on the first Saturday in February and their Chicken Noodle dinner on Memorial Day are two of their traditional fundraisers. For the past several years they have sponsored a spring time Branson-type comedy show which has been very popular. The profits from this show each year are earmarked for scholarships for THS graduating seniors.

Those receiving scholarships have been:

1996-Allison McClure and Joe Koster
1997-Dayna Bechard and Amy Adams
1998-Jeana Nelson and Rhett Larson
1999-Andrew Bell, Jean Gotti, Nicole Humpert, and Brett Oetting
2000-Jami Bacon, Kaj Larson, Susan Larson, and Jill Minneman
2001-Mark Bremerman, Jason Graves, and Melissa Woody
2002-Jessica Ahlquist, Shauna Base, Amy Graves, Lisa K. Hummel, and John D. Zlab
2003-Ryley Dent, Shannan Hutchinson, Ashlie Lee, and Ashley Watts
2004-April Woody, Rachel Koster, Brandon Church, and Tim Bremerman

The club is always ready to sponsor fundraisers for specific issues in the area as necessary. The members also contribute many hours of volunteer work for various projects in the communtity.

The Tescott Schools and the Tescott community are fortunate to have them in their midst!!
Thank you!