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In the summer and fall of 2002, Arliene Matthews and a number of volunteers walked the Franklin Cemetery and recorded names and dates from every headstone and verified ownership of lots, etc. This information was then provided to Ray Boster of Bennington who entered it on the computer so that we now have a website where information for Franklin Cemetery may be found, as well as information on all cemeteries in Ottawa County.

In addition, improvements have been made to the little building at the top of the hill in the cemetery--a new roof and new interior, to name a couple. The "bathroom" has also been cleaned up and made usable for Memorial Day weekend! There is a guestbook located in the little building so please sign it, anytime you are there. Also in the little building, there are maps and lists of where the graves are located.

Franklin Cemetery Board Members are: Dean Larson, Sexton 1-785-283-4698; Harold Horting, Dave Parker, Clyde Christenson and Gilbert McClure. The board also oversees Price Cemetery and Twin Hills Cemetery.

Mr. Boster's web pages

Franklin Cemetery

Obituary information for Franklin Cemetery compiled by Marjorie Miller