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In these days of budget cuts and more cuts a group like a Booster Club becomes ever more vital to the success and continuation of many activities in the schools. The Tescott Schools are fortunate to have an active Booster Club which works hard raising funds and volunteering for the many school functions and activities. Each fall they have a membership drive for individuals and for businesses. Each member is then listed on the programs for sporting events, etc. They are always happy to accept memberships from anyone wanting to support the Tescott schools.

The memberships are $10 annually per family and to have your name listed on the 2004-2005 programs, your membership must be received by August 8, 2004 but dues are accepted year round and you will be placed on next year's program. You may send a check to
The Bank of Tescott
PO Box 195
Tescott, KS 67484
Attn: Rhonda.
You also need to indicate how you want the names listed on the program.

Officers for the 2003-2004 school year are:
President-Tammy Cossel Fuller
Vice President-Rani Curtis Marken
Secretary-Laurie Denny Presnell
Treasurer-Teena Church