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On Saturday evening, May 24, the 54th annual meeting of the Tescott High School Alumni Assn. was convened at 6 p.m. by the President, Marilyn Flohrschutz.

Liz Lee, General Lee's Catering and her staff served 193 delicious chicken fried steak dinner to guests registering from 13 states plus Kansas. Roll call was answered by 134 persons as graduates. Five former teachers were also in attendance.

Harold Horting, who also received a gift for perfect attendance, gave the invocation. Cameron Bacon, Rachel Larson, and Alisha DeWitt, accompanied by Rebecca Larson, sang a beautiful rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" and sang two other songs.

Gifts were awarded to the following:
May Sheppard, oldest lady teacher and also most great grandchildren
Harold Frazier oldest man teacher
Betty Nelson Scatena, fartherest distance to attend from the West(Stockton, Calif.)
Lyle Merriman, Penn. and Ted Corman, New Jersey, farthest distance to attend from the East
100th on reservation list Darrel Stirn
125th on reservation list Kathy Sheppard Razak
Oldest man graduate, Keith Scidmore, Colorado, Class of 1930
Oldest lady graduate, Cleo McClure, Class of 1933
Guest with most grandchildren, Corrine Stirn Tannahill.

Five members of the 2003 graduating class were introduced and presented with gifts. Tescott High School scholarship winners were announced with Ashlie Lee, the recipient of the $250 Alumni Scholarship. She thanked the group and said she would be attending Hutchinson Junior College. Other local winners were Lions Club $250 scholarship each to Ashley Watts, Ashlie Lee, Shannan Hutchinson and Ryley Dent; $1000 Bill and Sophie Werries Scholarship to Rachel Larson; Bob and Vera Mae Berkley Scholarship $500 to Ryley Dent. Two Scholarships from the Ambulance Fund of $350 each to Shannan Hutchinson and Ashley Watts

The group voted to donate $50 to the After Prom for 2004. The matter of old trophies that have been in storage in the school basement for years was discussed and the trophies were on display. The consensus of the group was to try and save the trophies and find the funds to build new showcases for displaying them. A "Save the Trophies" fund has been established and donations may be sent to "Save the Trophies" c/o Bank of Tescott, Tescott, KS 67484

Twenty-four door prizes were awarded with many nice gifts including Royals baseball tickets, gift baskets and gift certificates.

The meeting was adjourned with the group singing "God Bless America" with Rebecca Larson at the piano.

Guests were invited to visit the Tescott Booster Club table, Tescott Museum table, cheerleaders' table, and to view the old trophies on display in the multipurpose room.

The classes of 1978 (25 years) 1963 (40 years) and 1953 (50 years) had special celebrations. The Class of 1953 with 18 original members and two members deceased had 14 members present. The Class of 1963 with 14 members and one member deceased had nine members present. The class of 1978 with 14 members had four members present.

Marilyn Diehl Flohrschutz, Class of 1956, agreed to serve as President again for 2004.